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December 2019
December 19, 2019

Re: Ministry Update from Evangelist David and Joy Corn

Dear Praying Friends,

What a great Fall! God is so good to us! Shall we praise Him for a few things He did?


First Baptist; Milford, OH; Pastor Bill Duttry
   M&M – 5 public schools; 169 visitors; 19 saved
Bethel Baptist; Wichita, KS; Pastor Jon Swope
   M&M – 3 public schools; 400 visitors; 40 saved
Ellis Baptist; Ellis, KS; Pastor Chad Pritchett
   Sunday Evangelistic Day – ~40 visitors; 3 saved
Liberty Baptist; Las Vegas, NV; Pastor Dave Teis
   Evangelistic Weekend – several visitors; 41 saved
Grace Baptist; Washington, UT; Pastor Josh Beutler
   M&M – 3 public schools; 476 visitors; 2 saved
Open Door Baptist; Catalina, AZ; Pastor Kurt Kramer
   M&M Youth Rally – several visitors; 2 saved
Valley Baptist; Mesa, AZ; Pastor Kevin Cowling
   Sunday Evangelistic Day – 9 saved
Heaven’s View Baptist; Arizona City, AZ; Pastor Darrell Roe
   Sunday Services
Gospel Light Baptist; Rio Rancho, NM; Pastor Brent Lenentine
   Wednesday Services
Hope Baptist; Loveland, CO; Pastor Dan Outler
   M&M – 2 public schools; 200 visitors; 10 saved
Southeast Baptist; Tulsa, OK; Pastor Bill Bender
   Sunday Morning Services
Leon Valley Baptist; San Antonio, TX; Pastor Forest Jones
   M&M – 3 public schools; 400 visitors; 25 saved
Somerville Baptist; Somerville, AL; Pastor Shane Lewis
   Drive Thru Christmas – 2000 visitors; 1 saved


It was a privilege to serve in Milford, OH! We are thankful for the great response from the school administration! They even put us in their Middle School paper! We are very thankful for the souls saved Sunday morning, in chapel, and at the rally! What a joy it was to serve at Bethel Baptist in Wichita, KS. Pastor Jon Swope’s father, Ted Swope, is the illusionist I saw that made me want to get into doing illusions! He is in his 80’s now, but he still attends that church! Bro Ted Swope took me to my first illusion convention and really invested in me! He cautioned me on pride all those years ago and has been used to see hundreds of people saved! I praise the Lord for the incredible privilege to serve at the church he used to pastor! God blessed abundantly with hundreds of visitors and 40 saved! It was special to me to have his grandson assist me in an illusion—it truly came full circle!

For the Sunday in Ellis, KS, God really did a remarkable work! A few were saved that day and over the next days, one of the boys who were under conviction got saved and then his brother and father did as well! Praise God for the power of the gospel! Liberty Baptist and Assistant Pastor Neal Berkey in Vegas worked very hard for souls that week! They had after school clubs, neighborhood Bible clubs, and Sunday morning rallies where we preached the gospel. And God blessed with a lot of fruit!

Grace Baptist was our first time to preach in Utah. So many people are blinded to the truth there! God amazingly opened the door in 3 public schools, and the schools really loved our program! We had 3 nights at the church, and the place was so packed it was hard to walk in the aisles! God really broke through the last night, and we had 2 saved! That is amazing considering the false religions in that area! On Wednesday of that week, we had 3 amazing answers to prayer! We had been struggling since November with the hospital where Landon was born. They dropped our insurance and then quadrupled the bill. That day the Lord blessed, and we finally got a zero balance! Also Joy scheduled her knee surgery. And we found the bus God wanted us to buy! These are prayer requests we had for months/years, and God answered all of them the same day! What an encouragement! Praise the Lord!

The next week Joy had her knee surgery. Everything went well, and North Valley Baptist in Phoenix, AZ was very gracious and generous as we parked there! Pastor Kurt Kramer at Open Door Baptist in Catalina really worked with us as Joy’s knee was quite shaky those first few days. We felt bad because we were not full strength for the meeting, but the kindness of the Kramer’s and their church meant so much to us! And God blessed with 2 young people saved that they had been ministering to for awhile!

Pastor Cowling’s church worked hard to get a lot of visitors there Sunday morning, and we had 9 saved! It was a blessing to work with them again! We thoroughly enjoyed getting to spend a few days with Joy’s family. Joy’s brother Jeremiah and his wife Lisamarie had their son Chad, and we finally got to meet him! We also enjoyed seeing Jeremiah’s 2 mall candy stores! Pastor Darrell Roe has been a friend to us for years! It was a privilege to preach the Word at his church for a Sunday!

We traveled from Arizona to NM to spend time with Joy’s brother Josh and his wife Anna and their son Titus. They are doing a great job serving God at Gospel Light Baptist in Rio Rancho. It was very kind of Pastor Lenentine to have me preach Wednesday in chapel and church. Sometime during those days, David developed viral bronchitis. God allowed me to not have to miss any preaching opportunities with that, but I am just now getting over it!

What a blessing to serve with Pastor Dan Outler and Brother Brad Magnus at Hope Baptist in Loveland, CO! It snowed that week, and Addie loved it! We were disappointed we did not have more time to enjoy it. God did a great work and got us into 2 public schools. 200 visitors came to the church, and we had 10 saved! Pastor was elated as he mentioned how amazing it was to have such a great response during the invitations! Praise the Lord!

We left Colorado on a Friday morning to spend Thanksgiving in Tulsa, OK and then travel to San Antonio by the next weekend. During those 9 days, we had 8 breakdowns of the truck and trailer! We thought our trailer was going to be stranded in OK, but one by one God brought the exact people at the exact time to get us to San Antionio! We knew God wanted us to be in San Antonio and sure enough God did a great work there! Pastor Bill Bender of Southeast Baptist in Tulsa, OK was so kind to let us preach there Sunday morning and help with several of the breakdowns. If it was not for that church and Central Baptist in Ponca City, we could not have gotten the rig to TX! It was a blessing to see David’s family in OK for Thanksgiving! My cousin even drove up from Louisiana!

We praise the Lord for a highlight week in San Antonio! Pastor Forest Jones was so kind to have us come, and Youth Pastor Taylor Walton did a great job getting into schools! God gave us great favor at the schools, and we saw 400 visitors come to the rally! 25 were saved! A visiting lady came to me afterwards and said, “Did that man sitting near me respond in the invitation? He was in tears when he went forward. That’s incredible because he is an atheist!” I believe that man got saved! No wonder Satan was fighting so hard to keep us from being there!

We just finished serving with Somerville Baptist in AL for their Drive Thru Christmas. We have had the privilege of being a part of that event since 2013! Pastor Shane Lewis is still battling cancer, but his church worked so hard to present the gospel to around 2000 people! I appreciated the privilege of preaching there this past Sunday and serving to lift up Christ with that dear church!

In October, God blessed and we were able to purchase a 2012 F550 Shuttle Bus. Some friends in Florida are hoping to modify it into a hauler to pull our fifth wheel. This will give us twice the power of our current truck and will give us 64 square feet of bus space for the family to be more comfortable when traveling! It is a big project; so please pray for those details. Joy is recovering well from her meniscus surgery. At 5 weeks after, she participated in the show & at 7 weeks, she assisted in the entire show. Her knee is about 90% back to normal. We are in Houston this Christmas with David’s family and our home church family. Merry Christmas and thank you for your prayer support! We love you guys!

Preaching the Gospel,
Evangelist David and Joy Corn
II Cor. 12:9

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