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March 2020
March 13, 2020

Re: Ministry Update from Evangelist David and Joy Corn

Dear Praying Friends,

We thank God for such a great Spring!


Christchurch Baptist; Houston, TX; Pastor Johnny Pope
   Preached to the teens twice
First Baptist; Clute, TX; Pastor Josh McGee
    M&M – 3 public schools; 550+ visitors; 23 saved
Calvary Baptist; Cleburne, TX; Pastor Art Monk
    M&M – 3 public schools; 300+ visitors; 30 saved
Parkview Baptist; Waco, TX; Pastor John Collier
    M&M – 5 public schools; 750+ visitors; 44 saved
Kingsway Baptist; Ringgold, LA; Pastor Lou Foerster
    M&M – 6 public schools; 400+ visitors; 35 saved
Victory Baptist; Talihina, OK; Pastor Danny Harris
    M&M – 6 public schools; 330+ visitors; 32 saved
Hallmark Baptist; Enid, OK; Pastor Clayton Stevicks
    M&M – 6 public schools; 425+ visitors; 31 saved
New Life Baptist; Odenville, AL; Pastor Denny LeCroy
    Revival w/ M&M – 7 public sch; 472 vis; 40 saved
Gospel Light Baptist; Helena, AL; Pastor Gary Bohman
    M&M – 3 public schools; 123 visitors; 20 saved Stories:

In Clute, a lady listed to our soul winning training on Sunday night and led 2 souls to Christ on Wed! She said, “I never would have had the confidence to do that if it wasn’t for the training!” The next night she led another at the rally! She said, “I’m on a roll!” Also our friend Chase Williams, a Junior Bible College students, joined us to learn more about our ministry! God is using him already with his illusions and fervor for souls! It was a thrill in invest a little in him that week!

I love to preach in Cleburne! It seems whether it be preaching for the bus kids or teens or rally, we always have people saved! What a testament to their outreach heart and God’s blessing on their efforts! Praise the Lord! In Waco, Bro Mayberry really worked for the meeting! We held the program in their gym and they rented around 350 chairs. We had over 876 people come! We praise the Lord for the incredible turnout and souls saved! The Kingsway people were such a blessing. They helped us fix our washing machine, watched our kids multiple times and worked hard for the meeting! After the program, Joy was asked to witness to a young man with autism. He was nervous he wouldn’t be able to understand the gospel. Joy carefully shared the gospel and he followed with her amazingly. When it came to pray, in his own words, he called on Christ to saved him! Joy had tears in her eyes as she led him to Christ!

I love going to Talihina. I grew up with Pastor Danny and Lindsay Harris. They were so kind to watch our kids so we could go on a Valentines date. We really enjoyed the beautiful view and the great fellowship with the Harris’. God gave us great crowds and fruit at both shows! In Enid, I loved seeing the fervor and working of God in that church! God is really using Pastor Stevicks boldness, leadership and love for Christ! They are really growing in attendance and seeing people get plugged in! One young mom said she was nervous to witness, but as soon as she did, God gave her the words to say. She led her first soul to Christ at the first show – a parent and child! We had so many people we had to have a 2nd late show! That lady led another parent and child to Christ at the 2nd show! Praise God!

Last week was a great time in Odenville! God opened a lot of doors to get the word out. Coming into the week we only had 3 public schools. By the end, we were in 7! I preached at my first prison. For decades, Bro Dave Turner has done an amazing job winning souls to Christ and seeing them trained in his Bible college! I did several illusions and preached the gospel! We had 2 inmates come talk to us after the message and trust Christ that afternoon! At the rallies, a couple of teens led their first souls to Christ! In Helena, Pastor Bohman is actively training his people to be soul winners in their Fishers of Men program. And he is diligently working to help his people get disciple and to disciple others! It’s thrilling to see! Sunday, a lady got baptized. On Wed, a teen girl led her first soul to Christ! And last night another man led his first soul to Christ!

The F550 Shuttle Bus God gave us is getting very close to being ready! It’s already cut down and sealed in! We have a few items with the truck bed, hitch, trailer king pin, inside flooring and finishing touches to work on. We are hoping to start using it in early May! We have been so encouraged by God’s outpouring of blessing on our ministry this year. We wanted to share with all of our prayers warriors just how incredibly fruitful these weeks have been. In 9 weeks, in just 8 churches, we were in 39 public schools! As you know, each one of those is a direct answer to prayer! God opened doors miraculously for our Magic & Morality program & we did 48 programs in those 39 public schools. We also did 6 Christian school programs, 2 assemblies for a VoTech Center, 3 early morning school Bible clubs, 4 after school clubs, and 1 prison! We held 15 of our big Magic & Morality Rallies at the 8 churches! At the big rallies God brought 3,350 visitors to the churches! And there have been 255 souls saved!! Praise the Lord!!! We are in awe that God gave such tremendous fruit in just a short period & we want to extend our deepest gratitude for those of you who pray regularly for our ministry! The Gospel still works, God still saves, and He sure does hear & answer prayer! Hallelujah! We wouldn’t want to spend our lives doing anything else! Serving Christ is the highest calling! Thank you for your prayer support!

Preaching the Gospel,
Evangelist David and Joy Corn
II Cor. 12:9

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