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May 2013
May 6, 2013

Re: Support for Evangelist and Mrs. David Corn

Dear Friends,

God has given us a great year so far! We are thrilled to have preached in 14 churches and 1 camp this year. I started the year preaching at a Spanish church in Houston where we had 53 saved! We traveled to Kendall Park Baptist in Kendall Park, NJ and had 18 visitors come to our rally. We Had 3 saved, including a man the church had been praying to get saved for 18 years!

We preached at Camp CoBeAc in Prudenville, MI where we had several decisions for Christ. We flew to First Baptist Church in Colville, WA for our biggest rally yet. We got into six public schools and two Christian schools. Nine people trusted Christ at the Christian schools. At the evangelistic event, we had 100 church folks come and 550+ visitors! The church was so packed we had to turn away 30 cars of people! 44 people accepted Christ as their Savior that night! The next day we traveled to Aberdeen, WA and saw two saved over the weekend at Grays Harbor Baptist Church!

Our next church was Harvest Baptist in Hagerstown, MD. We had eight saved that week! From there we headed south to Fannin Road Baptist in Montgomery, AL where we got into eight public schools! We had 125 visitors and 30+ saved there! We made our way to Fairview Baptist Church in Decatur, AL for a Magic and Morality where we had 80 visitors and 10 more saved that week! We traveled to Victory Baptist Church in Austin, TX where I preached a children’s revival as Evangelist Hal Hightower preached to the adults. We had 23 saved that week, and we really enjoyed getting to know that church as well!

We traveled to southern OK where we preached at First Missionary Baptist Church in Healdton, OK. We had 265 visitors come to 'the rally with 41 saved that week! Pastor even had us give away a live bunny on Easter morning. So I pulled my first “rabbit out of the hat!” That week we added a new member to our team! To celebrate our anniversary, we got one small corndog! She is a Maltese puppy named Sophie. She is 12 weeks old and weighs 3.03 lbs. We have really been enjoying her! Maybe we will even add her to the act! :)

We went to Bethany Baptist Church in Holton, KS where we had over 200 visitors and 38+ saved! We spent our 2nd anniversary at Central Baptist Church in Ponca City, OK where I grew up. I enjoyed preaching a service, and we had a refreshing stay there. This past week we preached and did a Magic and Morality at Victory Baptist Church in South Boardman, MI. We got into 3 schools and had 45+ visitors with 11 saved that week!

So far this year we have done 8 Magic and Morality evangelistic events where God opened the door in 26 schools! We had over 1,300 visitors, and have seen 269 people saved this year. We praise God for being so good to us! And we are so thankful for your generous support! Your giving helps us serve God in evangelism, and our fruit abounds to your account (Phil 4:15-17)! Thank you!

Your friends,
Evangelist David and Joy Corn
Jude 22-23; 2 Cor 12:9

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