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October 2018
October 21, 2018

Re: Ministry Update from Evangelist David and Joy Corn

Dear Praying Friends,

Thanks for praying for us! We are continuing our new format for our ministry updates. Here are the streamlined stats and some stories of interest from the weeks of ministry…


Camp CoBeAc; Prudenville, MI; Director Aaron Wilson
   Family Camp - Preached 7 times
First Baptist; Ranson, WV; Pastor Mike Withem
   VBS – 5 saved
Faith Baptist; Fredericksburg, VA; Pastor Kurt Skelly
   VBS – 5+ saved
Old Time Baptist; Hamburg, NY; Pastor Lou Guadagno
   VBS – 2 saved
Bethel Baptist; Simcoe, Ontario, Canada; Pastor Al Feere
   VBS – 20+ saved
Sauk Trail Baptist Temple; Richton Park, IL; Pastor Bruce Humbert
   GIBF Kids Program – preached 6 times
Charity Baptist; Indianapolis, IN; Pastor Leo Mejia
   Revival w/ M&M – 180 visitors; 25 saved
Grace B; Elkhart, IN; Pastor Mike Fisher
   M&M – 1550+ visitors; 45 saved
Anthony Baptist; Jersey Shore, PA; Pastor Dan Patrick
   Revival w/ M&M – 220 visitors; 5 saved
New Testament Baptist; Chambersburg, PA; Pastor Marlin Fleck
   Sunday Services – 1 saved


In Ranson, several kids skipped their sports activities to come to VBS! It was also a great blessing to talk with Youth Pastor Ryan and his wife Liz about their recent missions trips! It was so wonderful to see such a solid Independent Baptist church in Canada! They ran 5 buses and worked hard to see kids get saved! After the summer meetings finished, we got to enjoy time with Joy’s parents as well! We want to thank God for His goodness over the summer! He gave so much fruit, and we are especially thankful, we had absolutely no vehicle issues at all! Praise God!

We started our Fall schedule at Sauk Trail where we did the kids program for the national Global Ind. Baptist Fellowship meeting. We got to hear Bro Sam Davidson and see Pastor John Waterloo and several other friends. Our good friend Sam Waterloo is preparing to become Senior pastor there next year! Because of Joy’s pregnancy, we needed a new M&M show for this fall. Sauk Trail graciously let us rehearse there, and we learned 2 new big illusions!

In Indianapolis, the church set aside 5 special nights of prayer and had 5 saved Sunday morning, 3 of which were adults! One man saved returned Sunday evening and got baptized! One of my missionary heroes Rodney Fitzsimmons came to a night at revival! The last time I saw him was 7 years ago in Haiti. On Friday, we did our new show, and it went great! The church had more people than they had prayed for and 20 got saved at the show!

In Elkhart, God used Pastor Fisher to get us into 1 day care and 11 public schools! I spoke 29 times in 10 days while doing 6 M&M nights at church! The church people really got excited leading people to Christ at the invitations! One lady led her first soul to Christ! This was our 3rd M&M there and Pastor Fisher said seeing the building packed with people and his people leading people to Christ night after night was the highlight of his life! One lady came to me after Sunday morning and said, “Today, it finally clicked. I received Christ from the heart!”

We just finished at Anthony Baptist where Pastor Dan has really seen God work there! 4.5 years ago the church almost closed. When we were three years ago, they only had a few faithful, sweet people! Sunday they had over 140! On Monday, God opened the door in 2 public schools. We held the show at a community barn and on Tuesday, we found out we had to add an extra show Wednesday night! On Wed, we had 70 church people & 30 visitors! On Thursday, we had 180 visitors and 5 saved! On our trip there, we had 2 hangers for our suspension break on our trailer. Two guys in the church spent many hours welding them and finished up in time to make our next meeting! Yesterday at Chambersburg, I got to participate in the soul-winning marathon and my partner led 1 to Christ and 8 others were saved! For both main services today, I did 35 min. of illusions & ~35 min message with 1 assurance & 1 man saved!

At one of these churches, a young man was going through a tough time. He ended up in jail and his wife left him; he was contemplating suicide. He turned on the livestream when I was preaching about Carson. God moved in his heart; he decided not to kill himself. He got saved, and he even flew down to meet us! He told me with tears, “Carson may never say a word, but God used him to save my soul. I could be in hell tonight, but God used Carson to help me turn to Jesus!” We are making our way 1315 miles to Oklahoma this week where we will serve in Weatherford and Lawton and then in Garland, TX before we have to stop the year early to have our baby boy!

To make it to her OB appointments, Joy has flown home to Houston 3 times and will again in about a week. Our baby will be born around December 8. Thank you so much for your fervent prayers and your generous giving so we can labor in these fields God has called us to!

Preaching the Gospel,
Evangelist David and Joy Corn
II Cor. 12:9

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