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September 2017
September 25, 2017

Re: Ministry Update from Evangelist David and Joy Corn

Dear Praying Friends,

The 2017 year is just flying by! Back in April, we served with Iglesia Bautista Fundamental in Brownsville, TX. God allowed us to help with their anniversary services there and we saw around 22 saved! We continued to Lawton, OK and Bible Baptist where God really worked during the revival. Many teens and kids listened well to the gospel, and 26 people trusted Christ as their Savior! We traveled to New Testament Baptist in Loganville, GA where we got into 1 school and had 2 nights of Magic and Morality rallies where 19 got saved! In May we helped with a youth rally at Lock Haven Baptist in Orlando, FL and preached in that area several times with 7 salvation! We began our summer with Pastor Shane Lewis & Somerville Baptist Church in Alabama. David first preached at this church 13 years ago. They sure have been a special blessing to us down through the years! We did a kids VBS in the mornings & a teen program at night. God blessed tremendously that week with 50 saved! We really appreciated their emphasis on the Gospel – it was evident by the large number of trained counsellors they had ready for the invitation each day!

Then we went to Bible Baptist Church in Bradenton, FL with Pastor Yannizzi. They ran their buses every evening for VBS & had a high night of 332 kids! One of their regular bus riders, a 12 yr old boy, got saved that week! 1 week later he was accidently shot & killed. He was one of the 117 children saved that week. Praise God for that bus ministry! From there we went to Odenville, AL to be with Pastor Denny LeCroy & our dear friends at New Life Baptist Church. It always feels like a family reunion when we’re with these sweet friends! We were privileged to be joined by Josh & Chase Williams, two fine young men training for the ministry. They were a blessing to us that week as they served alongside us for the kids & teens VBS. We praise the Lord for 22 saved that week! Next stop was Columbia, MO to be with Pastor Anthony Fusco & Faith Baptist Church. We were treated royally that week! We saw 9 souls saved during the VBS! Praise the Lord!

We started July with an Evangelistic Weekend at Gateway Baptist in Villa Rica, GA. We were able to be a part of their closing rally from their week of Day Camp. It was well attended with many visiting parents. The Lord blessed with 7 salvations! David also got to preach at Freedom Baptist in Temple, GA that weekend. Our next meeting was in Macon, GA at Mikado Baptist. They combined a basketball camp week with a 5 night “Mikado Magic” family-oriented evangelistic outreach. There were many visiting families every single night, and God blessed with 19 salvations that week! We enjoyed preaching the next Sunday at Victory Baptist in Valdosta, GA where we had 4 saved in Junior church! Next up was Venture of Faith Jr Camp week in Lake Park, GA! This was our 5th summer to participate at this great camp. We love the folks that serve so faithfully there! Many young people made decisions for Christ throughout the week, and there were 7 saved also!

Gulf Coast Baptist Camp was our next week of ministry. We were with Pastor Tewell & Lighthouse Baptist Church in Theodore, AL on Sunday, and then hopped over to Biloxi, MS for their Jr. camp week! It was our first time at this camp, and we had a great week! Praise the Lord for another 15 salvations in addition to the other decisions made that week! Victory Baptist Church in Charleston, SC hosted us the next week for VBS. Pastor Greg Powell & his people were so gracious! There were some precious salvation stories from this week. God gave a terrific attendance all week long with 12 saved! Addisyn had her first birthday that week, and the sweet ladies of the church threw her a surprise birthday party! She was spoiled with gifts and love! That meant a great deal to us, and will be a special memory forever! From there we headed all the way up to Kendall Park, NJ to serve with Pastor Brown & Kendall Park Baptist Church. It’s always a privilege to serve with Pastor Brown, and a rare blessing to run the VBS teen & children’s programs with our dear friends, Evangelist Adrian & Tabitha Burden! It was a fantastic week all around! God blessed with a few saved that week, including 1 atheist 18 year-old girl, which is an incredible story!

Our last VBS of the summer was with Pastor Jeff Feeser & Turnpike Baptist Church in Shrewsbury, PA. God answered some specific prayer requests that week. There was a really great turnout of visitors, and many visiting families for parent night! Danielle Patterson, a life-long friend of Joy’s, was also able to come and spend a couple days visiting & helping that week! And the greatest blessing was the 9 saved! We finished the summer with an evangelistic weekend at Calvary Bible Baptist in Willingboro, NJ where God gave hundreds of visitors and ~80 saved!

Overall we did 7 kid VBS programs, 3 teen VBS rallies, 2 camps, 2 evangelist weekend meetings, and several extra church services. This summer David preached 94 times! The Lord so graciously allowed us to see 323 saved, and many other decisions made for Christ! Praise the Lord! We had a bit of a crazy travel schedule to make all of our meetings. There were 7 weekends that we drove over 650 miles! We had multiple issues with brakes, truck air conditioning, RV air conditioning, a blown tire, etc. but every single time God took care of our needs! Many of those times He used some very giving, talented, and sacrificial people who took time to help us. Some of the things we faced could have easily prevented us from making a meeting, but God worked the details out every time, and we never missed even one service! We really believe it was because there are so many of you who faithfully pray for us! Thank you! Thank you for supporting us in prayer – even when sometimes you may not know the exact need. We were amazed again & again at God’s provision for us. We knew someone was praying!

We are now 6 meetings into our fall schedule. We’ve changed gears from our summer programs and are now back into the swing of the Magic & Morality Rallies. We’ve had some difficulty getting into the public schools 1 of these 5 M&Ms, so it is always a big prayer request that God would miraculously open those doors for us! Our first M&M was at Olive Branch Baptist in Linton, IN. We had 100 visitors at the rally with 3 saved that weekend! Landmark Baptist in Clio, MI was the next meeting with Pastor Jon Flanders. We were in 1 middle school and had 120 visitors with 4 saved! Next, we helped with an evangelistic weekend at North Flushing Baptist in Michigan where we saved 10 saved! We traveled to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to serve at Bethel Baptist in Manistique. Even though we didn’t get into a single school, God brought 102 visitors & we had 10 saved! No way to explain that, except…GOD! Last week, we served at Northstar Baptist in McMillan, MI where God opened the doors in 2 public schools and a radio interview. We had 1 girl saved in Junior church! The first night’s program had 120 visitors with 7 saved and the second night had 130 visitors with 13 saved! Now we are at First Baptist of Pecatonica, IL. We have a revival Sunday through Tuesday, and we are in 2 Christian schools and 3 public schools this week with the rallies on Wed and Thursday nights. Please continue praying for our fall meetings, that God would allow us to see an incredible number of visitors, souls saved, and folks added to the church!

Family news: Both Carson & Addisyn celebrated birthdays in August. Carson is now 3 & his biggest improvement was that he started crawling over the summer!!!! This was a HUGE milestone for him & an answer to years of prayers! Right now it is just like an army crawl/scoot & it takes a lot of effort, so we are praying that it will continue to develop into a full blown crawl. Addisyn is now 1 & has just started walking! She’s into everything, and is sure keeping mommy busy! Joy is enjoying the beautiful fall weather, and David is working on the first stage illusion to include one of our children! God also opened the opportunity for David to buy his all-time favorite illusion. We hope to begin using it in 2018! David’s voice majorly struggled all summer long, and we were hoping with a little rest it would recuperate. It has not, however, and so we are asking for specific prayer for his voice to be completely restored. Thank you for faithfully supporting us through your prayers. Your part in our ministry is invaluable! We are so grateful & comforted to know there are fellow Christians holding us up before our Lord in prayer! May God bless each one of you!

Preaching the Gospel,
Evangelist David and Joy Corn
II Cor. 12:9

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