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April 2015
April 3, 2015

Re: Ministry Update from Evangelist David and Joy Corn

Dear Friends,

God has given us a great opening quarter this year! During January we spent many days building new illusions and taking Carson to doctor appointments. Then we praise God we hit the road with a busy schedule of 9 meetings in a row! We started the year at Bethel Baptist in Chanute, KS. God opened the door in one after-school club and one public school. The principal was so happy to have us that he wrote a nice article in the paper for us. We had 140+ visitors with 13 saved! We traveled to Franklin Road Baptist in Murfreesboro, TN and held a youth revival at the Christian school. It was an honor to serve at that historic church! One teen guy received Christ as his Savior.

Our next meeting was at Central Baptist in Crawfordville, FL. We had 4 young people saved in chapels that week including a teen girl from a works-based background. It was a great victory for Christ! Our Friday night rally had 180 visitors with several saved! We had a revival at Lighthouse Baptist in Slidell, LA the next week. We praise God for several decisions that week. We had a rally on Friday night with 100+ visitors and 7 saved for the week!

We traveled to Gateway Baptist in Villa Rica, GA where I preached a revival, did several chapels, and taught a childrenís workers conference. We praise God for 11 saved that week! The last night of the revival was very special with people in tears. Pastor closed the invitation three times and reopened it because of God working in hearts! We served with Fannin Road Baptist in Montgomery, AL the next week. At the Wednesday night service, three boys trusted Christ! God opened the door in eight public schools, and we had 120+ visitors come on Friday with 10 saved including two adult ladies and another mother with her teenage son.

We served at Bible Baptist Temple in Warner Robins, GA the next week. We held a Thursday and Friday night show that week with 223 visitors coming and 12 saved! The city mayor attended our Thursday night show! We praise God for the great work that went into that week! We drove to Solida Baptist in South Point, OH for the next week. God opened the door in 2 Christian school chapels and 5 public schools! I was feeling very sick for three of those schools, but God gave me strength to get through it. At the Thursday night show, I was still feeling ill, but we had 450 visitors with 550 in total attendance! God blessed with 10 saved! I still feel bad about not being as sociable as usual, but the folks there were very understanding.

We just finished with a community outreach day associated with Campus Church of Pensacola Christian College. We did 4 illusion shows on Saturday. They were expecting 1,000 people, but between 3,500 and 4,000 attended! We praise God for blessing that outreach day! We have taken this week down at Hand Avenue Baptist in Bay Minette, AL, but tomorrow we are helping with a church replant called Godís Way Baptist in Florala, AL. During the next few days we will spend some family vacation time during our anniversary, and our next meeting is at Immanuel Baptist in Edenton, NC.

Our little dog Sophie was hit by a car and killed at our first meeting in February. We had to do a rally a few hours after it happened, and God was so good to encourage us by giving us strength and fruit. Last Friday, we were able to get a puppy. She is 9 weeks today, and she is a Maltese named Zoey. Carson is doing very well. He is improving weekly. His two main prayer requests are that he will take his entire feeds by mouth and that he can hold his head up perfectly. He is about halfway on his feeds which is such a blessing, and his head control is improving. Thank you so much for caring for us, for your financial generosity, and especially for your prayers! God has really worked this Spring, but we are so mindful of how little we can do without Godís power. So please pray for His special power on our personal lives and ministry! Thanks!

Your friends,
Evangelist David and Joy Corn
Jude 22-23; 2 Cor 12:9

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