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April 2017
April 3, 2017

Re: Ministry Update from Evangelist David and Joy Corn

Dear Praying Friends,

God has been unbelievably good to us this year! We started the year with an M&M at our home church in Houston. God opened the door in 5 public schools, and we had 900 first-time visitors come to the evangelistic rally with 46 people saved! We even had a man come to the rally who is a pastor from the middle east who had to flee for his life because of a death warrant on his head for preaching the gospel! We continued to Leesville Baptist in Leesville, TX, a town so small they did not participate in the last census. The church worked hard promoting the event, and God opened the door in 1 school. We had 100 visitors with 26 saved, including some from a family who had attended the Sunday services!

Our next meeting was at Heavenís View Baptist in Arizona City, AZ. Pastor Darrell Roe asked me to preach at a preacherís fellowship, which I count as one of the greatest honors of my ministry. God opened the door in 3 more public schools, and at the M&M, we had 210 visitors with several saved! During that week, I was able to preach a service at New Testament Baptist in Tucson, AZ, one of the oldest independent Baptist churches in AZ. I believe we had ~5 saved there.

We were able to be a part of anniversary services with Pastor Kurt Kramer of Open Door Baptist in Catalina, AZ and also hold a M&M. Satan seemed to be fighting during that week, but God did open the door in 1 school about 30 minutes away. We trusted the Lord and during the rally, we had 98 first-time visitors and 10 saved! We had the great honor of preaching a youth rally and Sunday services at Cornerstone Baptist in Phoenix, AZ with Pastor Terry Randolf. We saw 3 people saved that weekend! We finished our time in AZ at NewLife Baptist in Casa Grande with Pastor Ray McCormick and his 2-year-old church plant. We did 8 rallies at 3 public schools in 2 days with the M&M that second day. We had 250+ first-time visitors with a few saved! We were so thankful and blessed to see such comradery among the independent Baptist churches in Arizona. Itís almost as if they believe they are all on the same team :)

We traveled to the church where Joyís brother, Josh Winstead, serves. They are preparing to go on deputation to be missionaries! There at Gospel Light Baptist in Rio Rancho, NM, we held an evangelistic Sunday morning for childrenís church where many visitors came, and 36 kids responded to be saved! It was surprisingly cold in NM! The next week we headed to Hope Baptist in Loveland, CO, where it was warmer than NM! God opened the door in 1 Boys & Girls club and 1 public school. At our 3 evangelistic rallies, we had 304 visitors with 14 saved! That was my first time to preach in Colorado, and we praise the Lord for fruit! Pastor Edward Barclay and his church were so gracious to let us stay a few extra days and enjoy the beautiful state. After Carsonís teething calmed down, it was a refreshing time! We got to take the kids up to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Forest where we saw a herd of Elk, 3 sets of Caribou, many deer, and some beautiful sights! We even were able to take a hike with the kids! God is so good to us!

We saw our friends at Central Baptist in Ponca City, OK on our way to Fannin Road Baptist Church in Montgomery, AL. This is our 4th M&M at this church, and we have been in more public schools in this area than any other church! Pastor Lester and his church worked hard to get us into 8 schools. We had back-to-back rallies this past Friday night where 250+ visitors came and ~35 were saved! We still cannot believe God allows us to be used by Him in such surprising ways! From January through March, God allowed me to preach 50 times, present in 21 public schools, have 2,112 M&M first-time visitors, and see 186 people saved! Thank you so much for your prayers and support! We continue the evangelism trail in Brownsville, TX; Lawton, OK; Loganville, GA; and Orlando, FL. Thank you so much for following us and especially for your prayers.

Preaching the Gospel,
Evangelist David and Joy Corn
II Cor. 12:9

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