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December 2017
December 17, 2017

Re: Ministry Update from Evangelist David and Joy Corn

Dear Praying Friends,

We love Christmas! What a season to focus on Christ and take some family time as well! Its such a joy to reflect back on the year and what God has done! We praise the Lord to be able to serve in ministry! It is the greatest work in the world!

In November, we enjoyed the Loving and Leading Childrens Workers Conference at First Baptist Church in Milford, OH. That conference had over 400 delegates from dozens of states and 70+ ministries. To be able to preach a general session at that conference was one of the highest privileges of ministry Ive enjoyed.

We continued to New Testament Baptist in Chambersburg, PA. Pastor Marlin Fleck is so gracious to us in letting us serve at his church and in helping to build illusions. Many of you have seen our Patriotic cutting in half trick. He built that for us! He and I also worked on some projects last month as well. I am excited to get those into the act as well! We are so thankful for his expertise and help!

Our meeting at Old Time Baptist Church in Hamburg, PA was very blessed! God opened the door in 4 public schools in liberal New York (near Buffalo)! Only God! God then gave us 400 visitors and 14 saved at the rally. A few others were saved that week also! Joys brother, Pastor Jonathan Winstead, is on staff at that church, and it was very enjoyable to spend time with his family. God answered 8 years of praying to give them twins a year ago! It was so wonderful to meet those 2 miracles! It was so kind of the Lord to let us spend Thanksgiving with Joys parents in PA! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, even though it is cold up north that time of year!

Our last Magic and Morality rally of the year was at Somerville Baptist in Somerville, AL. God opened the door in 6 public schools. On that Thursday rally, God gave us 245 visitors with 18 saved! I believe the mighty work of God was a great encouragement to Pastor Shane Lewis, who has been battling cancer for a few weeks. Tonight, I finished up our last official meeting of the year at Front Range Baptist in Fort Collins, CO. I was very honored to do illusions and help serve at a Sunday night fun family event!

Family News: Addie is 16 months old and has been walking all over the place! She is starting to copy and pretend play as well! Shes so fun! Carson has reached a huge developmental milestone! For a month now, he has been pushing himself up into a sitting position and balancing there for a while! He does this several times a day of his own free will! That is huge! Praise the Lord!

We have been in 46 public schools this year! God allowed me to preach 250 times, and we saw 716 people saved! We are excited about the meetings God has lined up in 2018! Our first meeting is at our home church in Houston, and it looks like we are already scheduled in 11 public schools! We are excited for what God will do! We so appreciate your prayers and generosity and love for us. Your prayers are needed and appreciated! God bless you guys! Merry Christmas!

Preaching the Gospel,
Evangelist David and Joy Corn
II Cor. 12:9

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