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July 2015
July 21, 2015

Re: Ministry Update from Evangelist David and Joy Corn

Dear Friends,

God has given us a great second quarter this year! In April, we held a Magic and Morality rally at Immanuel Baptist Church in Edenton, NC. This is our great friend Evangelist Adrian Burdenís home church, and it is pastored by Pastor Randy Browder. If you have never had Brother Adrian to your church, you are missing out! He is a great, Bible preacher who communicates very passionately and powerfully! God is using him and his family greatly throughout America to see many folks saved and lives changed for Christ. He is a man of God whose private life matches his godly preaching. Please let me know if you would like his contact information! In Edenton, God opened the door in every school in the county (4 schools). We had 210 visitors come with 14 saved at that rally! Two men in the church who had never led anyone to Christ before got to that night! The church had been praying for another man for years to get saved. He came for the first time that Sunday morning and returned Wednesday night. On Friday afternoon, he allowed me to share the gospel with him, and sitting in his office he called on Christ as his Savior! What a blessing it is for me to have a small part in seeing him saved! Amen!

We then traveled to Red Lion, PA for a Christian school revival! God gave us great services and some saved there! The elementary kids were extra generous to us! I went soul-winning with the youth pastor that week, and we talked to a young couple for an hour. They came to church Sunday morning and both of them got saved! Hallelujah, God still blesses witnessing!

We had the privilege of serving at Arlington Baptist in Baltimore, MD the week after the Ďintenseí events were taking place. I preached for elementary and high school chapels and did an Awana rally on Wednesday night. We had at least 8 saved that week! I had the privilege of preaching for our friends at Cedar Crest Independent Baptist Church in Mount Union, PA the next week. We praise God for a sweet time and for the chance to attend our friendís wedding.

We made the long trip to Lock Haven Baptist in Orlando, FL. On the way, a trailer tire exploded and damaged our trailer. Our great friend Pastor Marlin Fleck helped us fix the trailer and get back on the road! God always takes care of us! We pulled into Orlando that Wednesday, and I preached the evening service. A churched teen got saved that night! I had just been praying for God to show His power! I preached the Friday evening area wide youth rally, and we had several more teens saved! We saw 9 saved that week at Pastor Stocktonís church!

We went back to Houston for some down time before the summer and for 8 dr. appts. for Carson. We got some discouraging news and some encouraging news, but overall we are thankful Carson is continually progressing! I got to preach at Beautiful Gate Baptist in San Antonio, TX where we had at least 10 saved! We began a busy summer of meetings at Somerville Baptist in Somerville, AL, and God gave us a great time with 57 saved! Among those was a teenage guy in tears under conviction! We traveled to New Life Baptist in Odenville, AL to help with their VBS. On that Sunday night, I shared Carsonís story, and a lady they had been praying for got saved! Her husband told me that the story of God healing Carson when science said things couldnít happen was the encouragement she needed to have faith and not try to logically figure it all out! We are so grateful God is using Carson for His glory! We had 14 teens plus kids saved that week.

I had the privilege of preaching at Living Waters Christian Camp in Candor, NC where we had at least 2 saved! We traveled to Mikado Baptist in Macon, GA with Pastor Rusty Smith and helped with the VBS. We praise God for 29 saved that week! I got to preach a patriotic message at Victory Baptist in Valdosta, GA, and we had some saved! I loved preaching at Venture of Faith Camp in Lake Park, GA. We had many young people decide to stand firmly and sweetly for Christ, and we saw 10 juniors saved! I only preached to the teens once, but there were also five teens saved that week! We just finished at Savannah River Baptist in Savannah, GA with our friends Pastor Dale and Rachel Montgomery. We praise God for 18 saved that week!

Currently, I am preaching a VBS with our gracious friends at Victory Baptist in Cedar Park, TX (Austin area). We had 10 kids saved last night, and I have three nights of preaching to go. Next week we get to help with a VBS at my original home church of Central Baptist in Ponca City, OK.

Our little dog Zoey just learned to sit last week and lay down today. She still needs a lot of work, but we are grateful for her. Carson is 10 months old now, and he is doing very well. He is improving weekly. He can hold his head up now! Praise God. His three main prayer requests are that he will take his entire feeds by mouth, that he can sit up well, and that his head size will grow (which might be related to brain struggles). He is responding more and more to us! Thank you so much for caring for us, for your financial generosity, and especially for your prayers! God has really worked these months, and we are so thankful to see a taste of Godís power. Thank you for praying for His special power on our personal lives and ministry!

Your friends,
Evangelist David and Joy Corn
Jude 22-23; 2 Cor 12:9

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