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June 2019
June 17, 2019

Re: Ministry Update from Evangelist David and Joy Corn

Dear Praying Friends,

Thanks for praying for us! We are continuing our new format for our ministry updates. Here are the streamlined stats and some stories of interest from the weeks of ministry…


Heaven’s View Baptist Church; Arizona City, AZ; Pastor Darrel Roe
   M&M – 150 Visitors; 23 Saved
North Valley Baptist Church; Phoenix, AZ; Pastor Brent Loveless
   M&M – 250 Visitors, 18 Saved
Central Baptist; Ponca City, OK; Pastor John Waterloo
   Teen Revival + M&M – 750 Visitors, 50 Saved
Faith Baptist Church; Sedalia, MO; Pastor Edwards
   M&M – 350 Visitors, 22 Saved
First Baptist Church; Fort Madison, IA; Pastor Dean Graber
   Revival + M&M – 325 Visitors, 30 Saved
Dearborn Baptist Church; Manchester, IN; Pastor Darrell Sparks
   M&M – 500 Visitors, 18 Saved
Marlbrook Baptist Church; Raphine, VA; Pastor John Tilley
   M&M – 260 Visitors, 17 Saved
Riverview Bible Church; Bellaire, OH; Pastor Kevin Rowland
   M&M – 250 Visitors, 37 Saved
Fellowship Baptist; Glen Burnie, MD; Pastor Mike Hubers
   Revival + M&M – 125 Visitors, 31 Saved
Just this Spring, we’ve been in 25 public schools; 3,260 visitors have come to our rallies; and 295 people have been saved! Praise God!!!


At the M&M rally at North Valley Baptist, so many people came to the show that we literally couldn’t fit anymore in the auditorium. We already had people standing along the walls, sitting in the aisles, and on the floor. We had to turn around 30 visitors away. It was especially exciting to see the Lord bless so tremendously here, because we had done a M&M at this church 5 years before, but we had the hardest time getting into the public schools there. Even though the church staff put a lot of work into trying to get us in, not much had opened up. They spent the last 2 years really trying to improve relations with the schools, going out of their way to help them with various projects. And it was obvious the Lord really blessed that! We got into 4 schools this time! Seeing the church packed out with these visitors then, was just thrilling!

We hit our 300th public school while we were in Ponca City! We are absolutely amazed at the doors God has opened for us through the years, in this closed environment! Central Baptist was the church David grew up in, so we always love going “home” & serving there! The teens did an exceptional job inviting their friends for the teen revival. There were 6 saved, and 25 visitors there alone! David did 9 schools that wk, including the public high school he graduated from. He has at times felt some regret about not being a better witness for Christ in that high school, so it is pretty special that God has given him the opportunity to go back there twice now, with the M&M program! The rally was fabulously attended, with a record high in attendance in the church history. Many members led their first souls to Christ that night!

At First Baptist in Ft. Madison, we couldn’t get into even 1 school, and yet the Lord packed out the church that night with people - were visitors! The Rally at Riverview Bible Church was also packed out with people standing and sitting on the floor. Among those saved that night, was an entire family that all got saved together – Dad (a retired police officer), Mom, and 3 teens. Afterwards, they told the youth Pastor, “We go to church, and everything. We just never heard the Gospel explained this way before.” So many people are religious, but lost. Praise the Lord for bringing the light of Truth to this family!

For the first time ever, we weighed our trailer this past Spring! We knew it was heavy because we carry a ton of heavy equipment in the back for our shows, and because our truck has been struggling to pull it in certain situations for about 2 years. But we were shocked when we saw the scale! Our truck has been pulling a trailer more than twice the weight it’s rated to pull! We have been praying about upgrading our truck now for a few years, so after we discovered the weight we feel the Lord is giving us clear direction to start the process of searching for a new vehicle. After getting some advice from a few of our mechanic friends, we now know exactly what we are looking for, and are just praying for the Lord to direct us to the exact vehicle with the specific specs we are looking for. We’d appreciate your prayers for this detail.

We were able to return to Houston in May for 2 weeks to visit family, unpack/repack the trailer for the next 7 months, and make 13 Dr appointments. Carson has had some extra struggles this year, and we had a particular difficult 2 month period earlier this year. But after asking for prayer, we saw about a 90% improvement in a week! And he has stayed in this improved range ever since. Praise the Lord!! Thank you for praying for him & for us! All the kids have been healthy & enjoy all the attention they get from the loving people at the churches we visit!

We are full swing into our summer meetings, and they are going great! We are in our third week already, but we’ll include those stats in our summer update letter. You can always view week to week updates on our facebook pages, though! Thank you so much for your faithful support & prayers for our ministry! We have experienced some incredible workings of God in response to those prayers! We are constantly amazed by His blessings!

Preaching the Gospel,
Evangelist David and Joy Corn
II Cor. 12:9

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