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March 2014
March 31, 2014

Re: Ministry Update from Evangelist David and Joy Corn

Dear Friends,

God has given us a great first quarter of 2014, and we are so thankful! We started the year at Iglesia Bautista Libertad (Liberty Baptist) in Houston, TX. God opened the door in two elementary schools, and we had 150+ visitors with a crowd of over 800 people at the Friday night program! I believe we had over 35 saved! We made our way to Central Baptist Church in Ponca City, OK where I preached a stewardship Sunday. We had a young girl saved at the Wednesday night kids program. On our Thursday Magic and Morality rally, we had over 400 visitors with 500 in attendance! We praise God for 12 saved at the rally!

The next week we endured -17 degree weather at First Baptist Church in Creston, IA. We held our illusion program at an Awana Family night and an adult Valentines Banquet. We had two saved that week! One was an adult lady the church had been praying for to get saved! The other was a young girl in a Christian school chapel. She did not respond during the invitation, but a few minutes later she went to the office and asked if someone would lead her to Christ. She told the office staff that she did not respond during the invitation because she did not know who that person standing at the back was, and she was not supposed to talk to “strangers.” The stranger was Miss Joy :)

We then made the long trek to Crawfordville, FL where we were privileged to serve with Pastor Steve Folsom and Central Baptist Church. God opened the door in two public schools and an evening restaurant where we could invite families to the rally. We had at least four families come from the restaurant with a total of 75 visitors and 150 people in all! We had well over 15 saved, including several adults!

We enjoyed going to Bethel Baptist Church in Thomson, GA the next week. God opened the door in one high school and two elementary schools that week. The church held 24 hours of prayer leading up to the rally, and God gave us 400 visitors with a crowd of 500! We had 34 saved at the rally! It was so exciting to see so many church people leading folks to Christ! The next day the church held their first-ever youth conference. They had been praying and working very hard for that day! When I gave the invitation, nine teenage guys immediately responded to be saved! Another teen told me that he surrendered to be an evangelist! Praise the Lord!

We then spent a few weeks home in Houston where I spent many hours building two new stage illusions, and I almost completed a third. Our home church, Christchurch Baptist was an incredible blessing to us in many ways while we were home.

Last week, we did a children’s revival at Victory Baptist Church in Cedar Park, TX. We had 9 children saved! On Sunday morning, Joy had a teen girl approach her and ask if Joy remembered her. She said, “You led me to Christ last year at revival, and I have been here at church ever since. It has changed my life!” Another girl told us she remembered getting saved the year before. Praise God for fruit that remains!

We have a wonderful announcement! We are expecting a baby, and Joy is due August 18! We should find out in the next few days whether God is giving us a boy or girl, but we are incredibly thankful and excited! We plan to continue serving in the evangelism ministry God has called us to, but we know there will be changes. We have been praying and looking for a new trailer for about two years. We absolutely love our current trailer, but with all the stage illusions for our ministry, we are already very crowded! I heard that little babies take up a lot of room :) To have a baby in this trailer, we would have to remove our couch and kitchen table! So we are praying for a trailer with an extra bedroom for our baby. We think we found the trailer God has for us, but the details are not settled yet. Please pray God will continue to direct His will for us in providing our “housing” needs like He always has. He is so extra good to us!

We are here at Hand Avenue Baptist in Bay Minette, AL where God has opened the door in a few schools, and we are praying for many saved and added to the church Friday night! Please pray God will continue to open doors in public schools for us. Please pray for many people to be saved and added to the church. Please especially pray for Joy. She has been very sick with morning, noon, and night sickness! She is twenty weeks, so please pray with us that the baby will be healthy and the sickness will subside soon! We praise God for His bountiful blessings, and we thank you so much for your prayers! We cannot thank you enough for your generous support! Your faithful giving is such a blessing and encouragement to us! Thank you!

Your friends,
Evangelist David and Joy Corn
Jude 22-23; 2 Cor 12:9

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