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October 2019
October 17, 2019

Re: Ministry Update from Evangelist David and Joy Corn

Dear Praying Friends,

What a busy and fruitful summer! Here are some things God did…


Oklahoma Baptist Youth Camp; Quapaw, OK; Pastor John Waterloo
   Jr. Camp – Many Decisions; 2 Saved
Oak Bowery Baptist; Conway, AR; Pastor Matt Corkran
   Sunday PM Service
Triple S Christian Ranch; Rose Bud, AR; The Bishops
   Jr. Camp – Many Decisions; 7+ Saved
New Life Baptist; Odenville, AL; Pastor Denny LeCroy
   Teen Revival – Several Decisions; 7+ saved
Mansfield Baptist Temple; Mansfield, OH; Pastor Rob Kurtz
   VBS – 77 saved
Victory Baptist; Valdosta, GA; Pastor Steve Ward
   Sunday Services – 4 saved
Venture of Faith Camp; Lake Park, GA; Pastor Keith Smith
   Jr. Camp – Many Decisions; 18 Saved
Tabernacle Baptist Church; Candor, NC; Pastor Michael Free
   Teen Camp – Many Decisions; 3 Saved
Mountain View Baptist; Hagerstown, MD; Pastor Sean Brumbaugh
   VBS – 23 saved
Bible Baptist; Tyrone, PA; Pastor Ken Patterson
   VBS – 3 saved
Kendall Park Baptist; Kendall Park, NJ; Pastor Mike Brown
   Family VBS – 1 saved
Faith Bible Baptist; Eden, NY; Pastor Ark Kohl
   VBS – 12+ saved
Calvary Baptist; Willingboro, NJ; Pastor Aaron McCullough
   Evangelistic Weekend – 77 saved
Olive Branch Baptist; Linton, IN; Pastor Dan Kemp
   M&M – 5 public schools; 415+ visitors; 15 saved


In Quapaw, Pastor Waterloo and company started a church camp in OK. It was a privilege to be at the inaugural year of that camp ministry! In Conway, I just met Pastor Corkran Sunday morning, and he asked me to preach that evening. What a blessing! It was our first time serving at Triple S, and we loved our time there! We saw some great decisions by the young people! On the last night, there were some boys in tears over unsaved friends and family. God was doing a work in their heart to be a stronger witness for Christ!

At New Life, we always love being with our ‘family’ there! We preached on Jehu and on Og and on God Not Being a Respecter of Persons. We had several decisions there! It was great to see a few saved on the buses on the way home! We traveled to Ohio the next day, and the kids did great on the crazy long drive. We did a big illusion show Sunday night and then a VBS Mon-Thursday. Had a few saved at the rally and for the whole week had 77 saved! They had many more respond in the invitation, but some were not ready yet. So each of those saved was individually counseled! I love how efficiently they run their bus ministry and VBS!

We took some family time in a small town in Georgia for the Fourth of July. Then preached at Victory Baptist in Valdosta on a Sunday. We had 4 saved that Sunday morning service! That was our 7th year preaching at VFC Camp, and it was the most fruitful! We had decisions every service and 18 saved! My good friend Adrian came and preached a couple of services there with me too! God allowed me to perform 23 new illusions this summer as well! This camp keeps me on my toes!

We traveled to NC for a teen camp with Pastor Mike and Miss Sherri Free where there was a great spirit amongst the group! Addie took a great liking to Miss Sherri, and we had 3 teens saved! As we traveled to Hagerstown, we noticed one of our trailer tires developed a huge “tumor” in it. It surely should have been a blowout, but God spared us from that! We put the spare on that travel day. That next week we got it replaced, and the whole procedure only slowed us by about an hour! Praise the Lord! At Hagerstown, it was a blessing to be a part of a VBS where so many people coming early, working, running buses. No wonder God blessed with so many saved! Pastor Brumbaugh and his family have such a great spirit and are doing such a great work!

We always love being in Tyrone with our close friends The Pattersons. During the week, the church had a lot of workers and many came on the buses! Pastor Ken also helped me accomplish about 15 different projects around the trailer, including getting our furnace fixed! The spontaneous skit time with Pastor Ken was a highlight! We praise the Lord for their kindness and for the 3 souls saved! We also enjoyed seeing some of Joy’s family and celebrating Addie’s birthday while we were there!

It was a blessing to serve with my good friend Evangelist Adrian Burden again at Kendall Park Baptist in NJ. We did our first-ever Family VBS with Pastor Mike Brown & company! The VBS program was tailored for entire families, complete with family competitions, team competitions, couple competitions, games, split sessions, and a points/awards system. It was so much fun! The church worked hard. God brought a lot of visitors, and I believe we had 1 saved!

Our last VBS was with Pastor Art Kohl & Faith Bible Baptist Church in Eden, NY. Our first time serving with this great church! Joy had the privilege of counseling with a visiting girl named Heaven. Not having a Christian background, she wasn’t quite ready to get saved the first time Joy talked with her. But on the last night, she prayed in her own words asking Christ to save her! Also Joy received a first-ever gift. A sweet lady who worked in the nursery with Carson all week, came the last night & handed me a bag full of containers of food, already blended for Carson. She worked as a nurse all day, worked VBS, went home cooked and blended the food and gave it to us the last night. It was 5 containers worth! We also got to visit Joy’s brother & sister-in-law live and their kids!

I drove by myself for the weekend to Willingboro, NJ and Calvary Bible Baptist Church’s big evangelistic Kids Zone! We had hundreds of visitors, and they counted 74 saved! We also had 3 saved Sunday morning! We love that event, and getting to do some illusions and preach the gospel there is such a blessing!

Joy took the boys and flew to Houston for 2 Dr. appts for Carson and then met us in Linton, IN. God used Pastor Kemp to get us into 5 public schools! We had 415 visitors and 15 saved! That meeting pretty much wrapped up our summer! I preached 96 times at 11 week meetings, 1 weekend, and 2 Sundays! We had 199 saved! Thank you for praying! We will give another update for the great things God is doing this fall. We are very close to purchasing a “new-to-us” vehicle to upgrade our F350 to a stronger vehicle. Please pray for those details. Today, Joy had meniscus surgery on her knee here in Arizona. The surgery went well, and she will be limited for about 3 weeks. Next week we have an evangelistic week in Tucson, AZ. As always, thank you for the love and prayers!

Preaching the Gospel,
Evangelist David and Joy Corn
II Cor. 12:9

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